A Discord bot for Politics & War that provides a wide variety of tools that help players manage their nations and alliances.

Rift will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first major project I ever started, my first Verified Bot on Discord, and my first bot to be in more than 500 servers. While I never had the opportunity to finish everything I wanted to, working on Rift and constantly refactoring and improving it is what taught me to code, and what landed me my first job working on Politics & War itself. Overall, I'm very proud of what I accomplished with it, even though after almost two years of minimal maintenance it's largely held together by duct tape.

What is Rift?

Rift is a Discord bot for Politics & War, it allows players to view information about nations, alliances, treaties, color blocs, and more. Not only that, but it enables them to manage bank accounts, embassies, targets, and other features built into Rift to supplement those in the main game.

How is Rift implemented?

Rift is implemented in Python, it evolved over the first year and a half or so of my programming journey. The codebase follows my journey as I experimented with different architectures and concepts and slowly learned how to code and design good software. In the time since, I've worked twice to start rewriting the project first in Python, then in Rust, but both times ended up abandoning it favor of work or other projects. Now, Rift is a relic of my programming beginnings, one I'm very proud of but am not working on.